Protection Methods to Meet MIL-STD-1757A and MIL-STD-464C Direct Lightning Strike Requirements

March 18, 2020
1:25  -  2:05 pm

This paper discusses the methods, products and materials available to meet the requirements of the direct lightning strike waveforms described in MIL-STD-1757 A and MIL-STD 464.  The existing IEC, IEEE and UL lightning protection standards do not provide a clear correlation between accepted industry protection waveforms and those seen with the MIL-STD direct strike requirements.

Specifically, this paper will provide detailed PSpice modeling and numerical analysis to compare the direct strike components in the military 1757A and 464C standards with the relevant IEC 62305 10/350us suggested direct strike waveforms.

Results will be analyzed in time domain and Fourier Transform frequency domain to compare magnitude/frequency energy content with latest research on real world measured lightning strike events (ref. Martin & Rakov).

The results shown here will allow system designers to select commercially available products to achieve compliance with military standards requirements with a high level of confidence.