Powering & Grounding Challenges in The Deployment of Small Cells

March 17, 2020
2:20  -  3:00 pm

Over the past few years, deployment of small cells has shifted in focus from coverage to large-scale densification. Operators are looking to increase the capacity in their LTE networks in more diverse locations, to address rising consumer and enterprise use of mobile broadband. Many operators are already planning hyperdense networks in the 4G, and they expect the trend to intensify with the migration to 5G.

The attractiveness of this technology from a data network availability point of view is obvious. However, considerations for powering and grounding of these small cells continue to be a challenge for the industry.

This paper will look at options for powering and grounding of these facilities.

This paper will discuss powering methods and the advantages and disadvantages. We will provide guidance on the type of grounding arrangement and the surge and lightning protection requirement for each of the powering methods.

  • Utility AC powered, metered and unmetered,
  • Remote line-powering and cluster powering
  • HFC powering
  • Local -48V DC power
  • Solar photovoltaic power