Petroleum Industry Tank Battery Pump Jack Lightning Protection – A Case Study From the Permian Basin Region

March 17, 2020
1:10  -  1:30 pm

In the heavily developed Permian Basin region, the extraction of oil is common place and these sites are ubiquitous.

Fiberglass Tanks are in wide use in the petroleum extraction and temporary storage process industries. These tanks are used in highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide and hydrocarbon explosive equipment where petroleum is skimmed from the surface of a water float system. The fiberglass tank construction are often partially or casually bonded, and even then, the grounding earth electrode rods or electrode rings can be expected to be outside of leak prevention moat retaining walls. These applications pose particular lightning protection challenges including the presence of explosive gas and lack of equipotential bonding.

This paper will present the methods and measures to apply to protect this tank battery type site from direct strike, sparking between loosely coupled metallic structures and electrical surge failure induced by lightning and high ground potential rise.