Electrical and Physical Design Considerations for WBG Solid State Circuit Breakers Entering into the Medium Voltage Range

March 19, 2020
10:30  -  11:10 am

A key challenge to any DC power system is protection. In addition to the natural absence of a zero voltage crossing, the power electronics technology in these systems brings with it an increase in current ramp rates during a fault and an abundance of overvoltage sensitive components. All of these aspects pose a challenge to conventional circuit protection which typically responds relatively slowly and relies on the zero voltage crossing to quench drawn arcs. Solid State circuit breakers offer a solution to these problems though they come with their own challenges and limitations.

This seminar gives an in-depth exploration of solid-state circuit breaker technology and introduces a design philosophy that guides the intermediate practitioner in addressing the challenges of efficiency and thermal generation. Special attention is given to the problem of energy absorption during a short circuit event. A design example of a 5 kV, 100A solid state circuit breaker is provided.