National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Update and Review

March 17, 2020
10:45  -  11:25 am

The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is for practical safeguarding of the public and workers during the installation, operation, and maintenance of electric power supply and communications network facilities.  This talk will review the major changes provisionally accepted for inclusion in the 2022 NESC code and the current stage of the code cycle. Major discussion topics will include changes to (a) span powering rules 224 and 344 and their application to current powering architectures, (b) NESC role in network reliability and resiliency, (b) congestion and clearance issues around 5G wireless antennas/equipment location, (d) ground rod specifications, (e) grid-connected solar farms, and (f) work rules around batteries and arc flash issues. Submissions made during the official comment period will be discussed with attention to learnings from, and results of, the NESC October 2019 Workshop, IEEE 5G Joint-Use Initiative, and subsequent NESC committee and related industry task group meetings.  The possible, probable and unlikely changes and trends in the NESC for the operation and construction of communications networks will be discussed.