Experimental Results of Measured Surge Voltages at Varying Distances from Point on Entry of DC Feeders

March 18, 2020
9:45  -  10:05 am

There is often guesswork or assumption-based calculations done in establishing what is the maximum safe (Protected) distance is between the rectifier/converter to the point of entry DC Surge Protection in a telecommunications remote radio head RRU and DC powered small cell applications.

The scenario that will be adopted for discussion will be from Telcordia GR3177 Standard to show the typical surge protection scheme at a radio site employing RRU. In these scenario there is uncertainty about how long the wire between SPD and DC power system can safely be.

The results of this experiment will show how the surge voltage amplifies or attenuates along a wire after a surge protective device has acted on the incoming DC feeders at the point on entry. The test will be done by applying standard voltage and current wave-shapes in experimental scenario.

The outcome of this simple yet useful experiment could be applied in telecommunications industry practices and standards in future. The outcome of the results would apply to any make or bard of SPD’s and is not a brand specific advantage or disadvantage. It is also expected that ATIS PEG is a great forum to bring and discuss this type of subject so we can get robust industry discussion on this subject.