February 23 – 25

UL LLC Corporate Office 
Raleigh, North Carolina

The annual ATIS Protection Engineers Group (PEG):  Electrical Protection of Communications Networks Conference presents solutions based on the latest electrical protection practices and applications in today’s networks. This includes changes in standards and technologies needed to meet ongoing challenges of providing reliable voice, data and video services in decentralized networks.

Conference attendees get the latest information on the leading topics in protection engineering, delivered by the field’s top professionals. Expert presentations cover all aspects of electrical protection including bonding and grounding, surge protection and back-up power systems. Presentations and discussions address network termination equipment, wireless access points, PoE, xDSL/Ethernet/, code and standards updates, deployment of emerging technologies, field experiences and more.  

All Conference attendees earn Professional Development Hours for attending.

Distinguished Lecturer Program

The Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) is an in-depth presentation(s) by leading experts on topics that fundamentally affect the Information Communication Technology industry, such as over-current circuit protectors, surge protection, bonding and grounding at communication sites, and lightning physics.